Photos of Australian Animals (part 2)

Since my last post about Australian animals at the end of 2013, a lot has happened, and I have seen many more Australian animals either in the wild or animal sanctuaries. While most of them are quite friendly, some can potentially be very dangerous.

Here is an updated list of animals in Australia that I have tried to match up with photos that I have taken.

Two kangaroos fighting.
Two kangaroos fighting.
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Blog Moved to Pelican Blogging Software

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In the last few days, I moved the blog over from the Perl-based blogging software blosxom, for which I had written various plugins to add missing functionality, to the Python-based static site generator pelican.

The decision was mainly motivated by the fact that I do most of my …

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Scrambling up Mount Rundle in Banff

I scrambled up Mt. Rundle in Banff national park in Canada.

Trip Overview

  • Name: Mount Rundle
  • Height: 2949 m
  • Prominence: 1304 m
  • Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
  • Date: 2014-06-21
  • Conditions: Early summer. Snow starting about 200 m below the summit.
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Welcome to Australia! — Unexpected Things

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Here is a list of things that I did not expect in Melbourne, Australia.

It has been nearly a month now that I arrived in Melbourne. While most things are roughly how I imagined them to be, some are quite different to what I thought. Here are some things that I did not expect:

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Elbsandstein Climbing, Hiking and Via Ferrata Fun

I have been climbing, hiking and doing via ferrata a lot in the Elbsandstein mountains recently. I give a short overview of Saxon style climbing and a summary of the main via ferrata in the region.

You have a great but airy overview at the top of Häntzschelstiege.
You have a great but airy overview at the top of Häntzschelstiege.
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