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Over the last few weeks, I have done a general cleanup of the blog. It mostly dealt with layout changes and improvements to the way content is presented. The aim was to make it easier to discover all the content, to browse and to read it.

For example, I have switched to cleaner URLs (i.e. links) for all blog posts and pages. The blog now uses larger and hopefully more readable fonts throughout. A single-page overview of all blog posts is provided on the archives page, which is accessible from the main navigation menu. This should make it easier to find relevant blog entries. Series of blog posts (e.g. Australian animals) are now labeled as such and links between the different parts are provided. Finally, I have generated a sitemap and have added metadata so that search engines can index the site easier.

All those changes should improve the presentation of the blog, while the content has stayed the same. More posts will be added very soon as well.

2018-08-27 big update: I have now also systematically improved the text of all blog posts, in particular their titles and opening parts. I have also added trip overview cards, where they were missing.

Enjoy the new layout and content!