Similarly to my lists of peaks of Australia and peaks and ridges of the UK, here is a list of summits of Spain.

Andalusia | Canary Islands | Catalonia


Mulhacén (3479 m)

Highest mountain of continental Spain, in the Sierra Nevada.

Own measurement: N37° 03.200 W003° 18.693, 3475 m.

Climbed: 2019-01 (from Trevélez, winter), 2012-04 (from Capileira, mild winter conditions, including snow)

Mulhacén II (3362 m)

Own measurement: N37° 02.656 W003° 18.724, 3363 m.

Climbed: 2019-01 (winter)

Andalusia | Canary Islands | Catalonia

Canary Islands

Teide (3718 m)

Highest summit in all of Spain, on Tenerife, volcano.

Own measurement: N28° 16.268 W016° 38.481, 3485 m (this point is about 200 m away from the true summit, which can only be reached with a valid permit).

Climbed: 2018-12 (via cablecar, winter)

Roque de los Muchachos (2423 m)

Highest point on La Palma, in Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente.

Own measurement: N28° 45.284 W017° 53.117, 2429 m.

Climbed: 2020-01

Pico de la Fuente Nueva (2370 m)

On La Palma, in Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente.

Own measurement: N28° 45.647 W017° 52.686, 2379 m.

Climbed: 2020-01

Pico de las Nieves (1949 m)

Second-highest peak on Gran Canaria, of volcanic origin. A military base is located near the summit.

Own measurement: N27° 57.718 W015° 34.305, 1955 m (standing on some rock formation).

Climbed: 2020-01

Roque Nublo (1813 m)

Third-highest peak on Gran Canaria, volcanic rock formation.

Own measurement: N27° 58.199 W015° 36.729, 1755 m (as far as the hiking route could take us, no rock climbing).

Climbed: 2020-01

Teneguía (439 m)

Vulcan, on La Palma.

Cinder cone, erupted in 1971.

Own measurement: N28° 28.384 W017° 51.100, 436 m.

Climbed: 2020-01

Andalusia | Canary Islands | Catalonia



Near Barcelona.

  • Sant Jeroni (1236 m)

  • Montgrós (1120 m)

  • Miranda de les Agulles (903 m)

Andalusia | Canary Islands | Catalonia