When I first started rock climbing in Australia back in 2013, there was a bit of unfamiliarity with the names of tools and techniques that I had used for many years in my home country, but of which I knew only their German names. As a result, I often had to ask for a visual presentation or demonstration.

To make the transition easier for other German speakers, here are the most important climbing related terms, both in German and English. This table should make it easier to start climbing in any English speaking country and should act as a cheat sheet. At the same time, it might be useful as a lookup table for English speakers who intend to climb in the Alps, or elsewhere where there is a large German speaking community.

Update 2018-09-30: After various recommendations, I have added a few more terms that might be useful to know.

German English
Klettergurt (climbing) harness
Vorstieg lead (climbing)
(Doppelter) Achterknoten figure-of-eight knot
Doppelter Bulin (Knoten) double bowline knot
Halbmastwurf (HMS) Munter hitch, Italian hitch
Mastwurf clove hitch
Prusik (Knoten) Prusik (knot), Prusik hitch
Sackstich (Knoten) overhand bend, European death knot
Spierenstich stopper knot, double overhand knot
Doppelter Spierenstich (double) fisherman’s knot
Ankerstich girth hitch
Einfachseil single rope
Halbseil half rope, double rope
Zwillingsseil twin rope
abseilen to rappel, to abseil
Karabiner carabiner, biner
jemanden sichern to belay someone
Bohrhaken bolt
Expressschlinge, Expresse, Exe quickdraw
Bandschlinge, Schlinge sling (usually Nylon, Dyneema, or Aramid)
Reepschnur accessory cord
Abseilachter figure eight
Klemmkeil nut
Schlappseil slack (in a rope)
übersäuert, dicke Arme pumped (usally arms)
(Routen) Tipps, Info beta
Zu! take!, tight!
Ab! lower!
Stand! safe!, off belay!