Here is a list of things that I did not expect in Melbourne, Australia.

It has been nearly a month now that I arrived in Melbourne. While most things are roughly how I imagined them to be, some are quite different to what I thought. Here are some things that I did not expect:

  • The people are really really friendly. Everyone has some time for a chat, be it a short or longer one. Most of them are very helpful too.

  • I can now understand why people who come back from Australia miss Tim Tam cookies so much. They are great!

  • There are quite many Asian and Indian/Pakistan people here. That should have come as no surprise as Asia is not far, but somehow I did not expect that.

  • While it is nice and warm outside so that I can walk around in a T-shirt most of the time, it can get cold. I mean really cold! Sometimes I even have to use the heater in my apartment and wear a fleece pullover and jacket when I am outside.

  • When it rains, it rains heavily. Luckily that does not happen so often.

  • It can get pretty stormy from time to time.

  • I have not seen a spider yet, absolutely none. And for that matter, I have not seen any animal that could be venomous yet.

  • The Australians love their barbecue. You can find propane-powered grills at many public places, in the park, at the beach and so on. All you need to do is bring your food and friends. How great is that!

  • Public fountains are installed all over the city which provide drinking water for the thirsty. And they are in good shape and clean. That is convenient, as you usually do not need to carry around a water bottle.

  • To add even more trivia, Burger King is known here as Hungry Jack’s. Same design and all, but different name.

Two things are essential when heading out. First, a pullover for when it gets windy or a little colder in the evening and second, sunglasses.